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Hello, If you have come to the About Us page of this blog, it means that you are interested to know about our blog TN Hindi.

first of all, you are warmly welcomed to the TN Hindi Tech blog, a technology blog website in India. The goal of this blog is to connect everyone with technology.

In this blog, solutions to digital problems are shared in English and Hindi language, hence it is named TN Hindi.

So, we are sharing with you all the things about this blog which are shared for you in this blog.

Samar Khan

Hii Guys!! Hope You Are All Good 😊. So, I am the founder of “TN Hindi” tech blog & my name is “Samar Khan”, I loved to search information on the internet and learn new technology information from my childhood, that’s why I thought why not create a blog in which technology, game, tips tricks & digital information, can reach people in Hindi and English So that I can reach you,
then, I bought domain name TNHindi and created TNHindi.online blog, and here I will tell you all about this and our website with internet information, digital alerts, some tips trick, and all about games, blogging, etc. in Hindi and English languages.

Samar Khan

Founder, TNHindi.Online

Short summary about TNHindi.Online

In TNHindi.online, I think that the Difficult Technical topic should be taught in simple language so that the non-technical person can easily understand and understand the whole information easily.

On this website, you will get complete information about the Digital Internet in English and Hindi, as well as I will tell you in detail about Blogging, Technical News, Latest Internet Offers, Gaming, Online Business Knowledge, Making Money, etc.

Purpose of Creating TN Hindi

You must have already understood on what subject this blog is based.

In today’s time, every person keeps searching for solutions to their own problems on the Internet. And when they read a post, they do not know because of difficult English or because of incomplete information they cannot understand.

Because of this, people read a lot of unuseful posts, and eventually, they get frustrated at not getting a complete solution to their problems.

Just because of this, it was thought in our mind that why not to create such a blog in which the solution of the biggest digital problems can be shared in Hindi and easy English language, just because of this, TN Hindi has been created.

What will You Get Here?

If you are a person who is very fond of technology and you keep looking for digital things on the internet a lot, then this blog of ours can be very useful for you.

Even if you are not interested in much technology, you can still visit our blog everyday because 80% of such information is shared in this blog which is very important for every human being to know.

If you use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram a lot, then this blog can be very helpful for you because this blog shares a lot of important information about all these things.

Apart from this, more such information is shared in the blog, which can prove very helpful for you somewhere.

For example, take any mobile application, how safe is that application for you, who has made it and what harm can be caused by that application.

Sometimes some such scheme of the government also comes, which is very important for you to know, the information is also shared first in this blog.

Thank you wholeheartedly to all of you and for visiting this website, I hope that you like this website, and I will do my best to help you.

So to stay connected with technology and the digital world, keep visiting our blog “TN Hindi”, Thank you very much !!!

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TN Hindi website also upload post about gaming. This is just a website that gives you the best file that works 101%.

On our website, you can find the links that lead to game files. These files are stored elsewhere on the Internet and are not part of this website.

This is not theft, I am just sharing the game to my friend who does not have money or does not want to buy.

If you are an economical person or have money then you can buy the game from anywhere.

One last word – we always recommend that you buy as many games as possible instead of downloading from the internet if you want to play a game because it helps the developer develop more games for you.

Now for advertising, copyright-related issues, or any idea sharing issues, you can contact us on the following details. You can choose anyone to contact. You can contact us directly through our contact page.