Pubg Mobile Amazing facts in English [30 Interesting Facts About Pubg Mobile 2020] ( ᵔ︠ ͜ʖ ︡ᵔ)

PUBG MOBILE FACTS: Hello Friends, in this post we are going to talk about the interesting facts of people’s favorite Pubg Mobile Game, if you are also a Pubg Player, then you must know about these interesting facts of Pubg Mobile Facts about Pubg mobile

Friends, the Crage of Pubg Game is such a shadow in the people nowadays that every person likes to spend some time in their personal work and spend every time in this game,

Every person who is associated with gaming must know about Pubg Game and be If you are also a Pubg Player, then you will enjoy reading these interesting things about Pubg Mobile Amazing facts about Pubg in English


Do you know what is Pubg Game? Pubg is an online multiplayer game. Within this game, a hundred people descend into an island from a parachute and kill multiple players, saving themselves by finding a variety of weapons, and all players have to play within a safe zone (Blue Zone).

It also gradually becomes smaller so that the surviving players can face each other.

And the player or team who remains till the end wins is the one who gets a chicken dinner in the Pubg Game.

This game has gained immense popularity in a very short time, breaking all the records of every gaming industry and has come to number one.

Pubg is trending at number one in India as well as in the world and within a few months of its launching has given a record of all the gaming industry.

In this post, you are going to tell the very interesting things related to Pubg game (Amazing facts about pubg mobile), which you will not know about, then you know about 30 interesting things related to Pubg mobile.

Top 15 Amazing Pubg Mobile Facts.

  • FACT 1:- The PUBG game was made by an Irishman Brendan Greene and released on 23 March 2017.
  • FACT 2:- It took 70 game developers and 1 year to create a PUBG game.
  • FACT 3:- PUBGY GAME has been awarded Best Multiplayer Game, Mobile Game of the Year, Action Game of the Year, Esport Game of the Year, Trending Game of the Year, and more.
  • FACT 4:- In online gaming, only Pabji holds the record of playing 1.34 million players simultaneously in 1 day.
  • FACT 5:- Pabji game had earned ₹ 70 crores within 3 days of release.
  • FACT 6:- Do you know that Brendan Greene used to be a photographer and website developer in Brazil before learning game development.
  • FACT 7:- The idea of making Pubg game is taken from a Battle Royal movie in Japan, in this movie, 100 students are taken by helicopter to an Intelligence place and they have to fight among themselves and the one who survives, in the end, is considered the winner and they The idea of making Pubg Game was found from this movie.
  • FACT 8:- Did you know that initially the player was released from a warehouse in the Classic Game, but according to the suggestion of the pubic player, the players are taken off by helicopter.
  • FACT 9:- Pubg game has only 150 game developers, where it is operated.
  • FACT 10:- Pubg Mobile game had generated a revenue of Rs 8652 crore in 1 year of its launch.
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Pubg Mobile interesting facts in English, which you may be surprised to know and as a Pubg player you should know this information]

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Facts about Pubg Mobile Game:- Amazing facts 10-20

  • FACT 11:- The Erangel map of Pubg Mobile Game is named after his daughter, Branden Greene.
  • FACT 12:- In Europe, whenever a game was won as a reward in a game, Chicken Dinner was made with the money won, since then the tag line with Winner Winner Chicken Dinner became Famous.
  • FACT 13:- The full name of the PUBG game is Player unknown battleground game but do you know unknown battleground word is used because this game is played with unknown people.
  • FACT 14:- Pubg Lite released for them on August 19 for the small Smartphone.
  • FACT 15:- Pubg users have created Pubg Light for Level Entry smartphones. It works in a smartphone with 2Gb or less memory and has 600 Mb of space at the time of game installation, but there is not much difference between this game and the original game.
  • FACT 16:- Brandon Green has worked as a designer for the Battle Royal game like Arma 3 and king of the hill prior to the pubic game.
  • FACT 17:- Do you know who Player Unknown is and no one else is Brendan Green himself this is the name he uses when playing the game.
  • FACT 18:- The map of the PUBG game is designed by Brendan Green himself. It is frightened by a story that Ireland was captured by the Soviet Army during World War II where they used to do some of their experiments and later when their people and Soviet Due to the war between the army, it became completely a block, so in this map, we see broken gar, forged vehicles, crush ship military base, factory, etc.
  • FACT 19:- The second map of Pubg Mobile is named Miramar, it is shown for the city of Central America and Mexico.
  • FACT 20:- Do you know that the most popular sniper Wepan of Pubg is Kar98, M24, and Awm.
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Pubg Mobile Game Facts:- Amazing facts 20-21

  • FACT 21:- Do you know that in the Pubg game you play three types of games. l:- Classic Battleground, l l:- Evo Battleground, & l l l:- Arcade Battleground
  • FACT 22:- Do you know that every day 10 million people play games together in Pubg Game and 400 million people play Pubg Game.
  • FACT 23:- Pubg Game is available on Android, iOS, X-Box, and Windows. Can play in devices.
  • FACT 24:- Pubg game is Currency BP is Battle Points, UC, from which you can shop in Pubg Game.
  • FACT 25:- Do you know Brendan Greene’s favorite weapon pen is this weapon’s Killing Damage is very special.
  • FACT 26:- Do you know that Pubg has become so popular without any advertisement and Pubg has never done his advertisement by profession, yet Pubg is the most popular game.
  • FACT 27:- Do you know that more than 24 million copies of PUBG game have been sold so far.
  • FACT 28:- In PUBG, they wanted to first give a blue color to the blue game map of the classic game, but they were having a lot of trouble in its coding and then gave Blue zone the shape of a circle.
  • FACT 29:- In PUBG game, headshot means that the bullet on the head gets the most damage.
  • FACT 30:- Do you know that for Pubg Mobile it is absolutely free, but for Pubg PC and Pubg XBOX we have to buy money by paying because Pubg PC’s graphics are very amazing compared to mobile.
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Amazing Questions & Answers about PUBG Mobile Game.

QUES 1:- How to download in PUBG Mobile Free?

ANS:- Friends, if you want to download Pubg Mobile in Android Mobile or iPhone, then Publish game is available for free on Google Play Store and on Iphone’s I store, from there you can download PubG Mobile for free.

QUES 2:- Why is Pubg Mobile Game Free?


The question must have come in your mind that despite being such a popular game, PUBG is a free game, do you know how the PUBG game developer or company makes little money.

If we talk about mobile, then almost all the Battle Royal games for mobile are available for free, in order to keep the game in the discussion, the game development company does not charge any money from the mobile player to download and play the game.

But the game has a lot of attractive outfits Skins and Premium weapon skins and the biggest royal pass which is worth more than 1800 rupees, all these ways Gaming Industry makes money.

Though you can go alone by purchasing PUBG MOBILE mobile for PC and emulator, on mobile, we can play it for free but if you want to use its premium features, then you have to buy them and through that These people make money from it.
Apart from this, the gaming industry has many ways to earn money.

LAST Word:-

Nowadays you will definitely see Pubg on Pubg Game Internet or on Facebook or YouTube because Pubg’s Cage is a bad shadow among people, but it has a bad effect on people as it has to spend a lot of time on the game player and He forgets the world outside.

But there are advantages to playing the same Pubg game as it is well known to think about you and take action in real life. You can play Pubg game from the perspective of a game.

This was very interesting information related to Pubg Game Pubg Facts in English, you must have liked it if you are also a pubic player.

So, share the amazing facts about Pubg Mobile in English and share your thoughts in the comment box and share this post on social media, as well as comment on it and give your feedback. TN HINDI

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