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Reimbursement Of Medicine | Special Sanction in Covid-19

Voice Of Pensioners

Voice Of Pensioners

1: 24 Apr 2020, even No dt 01 Jun 2020 and 07 Aug 2020 on the subject matter.

The procedure for claiming the cost of medicines purchased by the ECHSbeneficiaries has been clearly spelt out in CO ECHS letter No B/49761/ECHS/Medicinepolicy dt 18 May 2020

2: It has come to the notice that various ECHS PCs are insisting on their ownrules/procedures/ist of documents for such reimbursement.

Some of the PCs are notaccepting the bills of medicines purchased for 60 days in one go by the veteran. PCs arealso impo0sing.

self devised, upper limit to the total amount of the bill and not acceptingbills submitted beyond that amount.

This is not only causing harassment to the ECHSbeneficiaries but also embarrassment to CO ECHS authorities in form ofemails/messages/tele calls by the veterans. Following is clarified Voice Of Pensioners

3: Bills of CT medicines procured for 60 days at a time will be accepted and

(a) admitted for claim.There is no upper limit to the overall cost of the bill submitted, which should

(b) be based on the medicines in the authorized prescription. MD CO ECHS has taken a serious view on this and has directed.

That contents ofthe ibid policies will be followed in letter and spirit.

It is requested to reiterate the contentsto all ECHS PCS under AOR of your RCThe staff and doctors at ECHS PCs should attend/examine/treat/refer all patients

4: visitors coming to respective PCs with an empathetic attude and using soft skills whileexercising due precautions against COVID-19 Voice Of Pensioners

SC Grants Time to Centre to Consider Filing Fresh Response to Plea on OROP

The Supreme Court on Monday gave the Center three weeks to consider filing a comprehensive affidavit on the complaints of ex-servicemen that there are discrepancies in the implementation of One Rank-One Pension (OROP).

A bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and KM Joseph noted on an affidavit of the Center that an amount of Rs 10,795.4 crore had already been disbursed in pursuance of the executive decision to implement OROP.

In the hearing conducted through video conferencing, the bench gave Solicitor General Tushar Mehta time to consider filing a detailed affidavit on redress of grievances of ex-servicemen and final plea of ​​Indian Voice Of Pensioners.

Ex-Serviceman Movement (IESM) and others Decided on Hearing on 29 September.

Senior advocate Hujefa Ahmadi, appearing on behalf of the ex-servicemen, submitted that despite the apex court order dated May 1, 2019,

The grievances of the ex-servicemen have not been redressed in the current proceedings and that the decision for grant of “original” OROP has been completed Not implemented in a way.

The Center said that after considering the complaints, an amount of Rs 10,795.4 crore has been disbursed in pursuance of the executive decision to implement the OROP.

The ex-servicemen alleged that due to the defective implementation of OROP, its main objective was defeated and a separate class was created within the same class of officers,

Leading to a separate pension from the same person, who Was retired from the same year the same year of service.

He had stated that “the equivalent of a pension every five years would result in serious losses to previous retirees.” The Center, Voice Of Pensioners

While implementing the OROP on November 7, 2015, adopted a policy under which the difference between the rates of pension of current and previous pensioners would be eliminated at “periodic intervals”.

Earlier, the apex court had sought reply from the Center on a petition seeking implementation of the OROP recommended by the Kosari Committee with an automatic annual amendment,

Instead of the current policy of periodic review once in five years.

The IESM and others have challenged the government’s policy of periodically reviewing pensions once in five years,

Stating that there was a declaration of 26 February 2014 in which amendments to the pension were passed automatically to previous pensioners. Was done on an annual basis Voice Of Pensioners.

Voice Of Pensioners | Voice of Ex-Servicemen

He has claimed that the five-year periodic review did not meet the demand for ex-servicemen, who retired with the same length of service in the same rank. “The OROP has a similar desire for all three defense services.

Ex-servicemen are currently receiving pensions that do not correspond to their rank and or length of service.

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In fact, some ex-servicemen also have lower pensions than other ex-servicemen Are receiving.

The petition stated one who retired with a subordinate rank or ‘equal rank’, which is unjust and unconstitutional Voice Of Pensioners.

It added that Centre’s letter sent to the Chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force on OROP on February 3, 2016, was “unjust, arbitrary and violent” of Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution.

The plea sought a directive from the Center that “whenever there is any increase or increase in the rates of pension in future Voice Of Pensioners,

The pension of previous pensioners is automatically and contemporaneously increased.

It further stated that the government should be directed to fix the pension based on the highest pension for the financial year 2014-15 and not 2013 Voice Of Pensioners.

The IESM, in its petition, cited the report of the Rajya Sabha Petitions Committee on 19 December 2011, headed by Bhagat Singh Koshyari, which rejected all reservations advanced by the government. Voice Of Pensioners

while strongly recommending “OROP”.

In its 142nd report, the Koshiyari committee said “the committee strongly recommends that the government should implement OROP in the defense forces across the board as soon as possible”.


ITEM NO.24Court 3

(V2deo conterencin9)SECTION XSUPR OPn OF PROCEEDINGSsUPRE ME CoURTND TAWrit Petition (s) (Civil) No(s). 419/2016INDTAN


FOR AMENDMENT OF WP)Date : 24-08-2020 This petition was called on for hearing today.cORAMHON” BLE DR.JUSTICE D.Y. CHANDRACHUDHONBLE MR. JUSTICE K.M. J0SEPRFor Petitioner (s)

Mr. Huzefa Ahmadi, sr.For Petitone Mr, Balaji Srinivasan,ORFor Respondent (s) Mr. Tushar Mehta, S6SGMr. Raiat Nair.

AMrApoorva KurupAdvMS. rtanshu, AdvMr, Arvind Kumar Sharma.

Ady.Mr. Mukesh Kumar Maroria, AORUPON hearing the counsel the court made the followingORDE R

  1. Mr Huzefa Ahmadi, learned senior counsel and Mr Balaji Srinivasan, learnedcounsel appearing on behalf of the petitioners, submit that the grievance of exservicemen in the present proceedings has still not been redressed despite theorder dated 1 May 2019 and that the original decision for the grant of OROP hasnot been fully implemented.
  2. In pursuance of the order of this Court dated 1 May 2019, an affidavit has beenfiled on behalf of the Union of India, after the grievances of the petitioners wereconsidered, stating that an amount of Rs 10,795.4 crores has been disbursed inpursuance of the executive decision to implement OROP. The manner in whichthe process of equalisation has been carried out has been set out in the affidavit.
  3. The Solicitor General states that a short adjournment may be granted to enablehim to consider whether the filing of a comprehensive affidavit over and abovethe affidavits which have been filed earlier is necessary. He states that thisprocess shall be completed within a period of three weeks from today.
  4. List on the conclusion of three weeks.

From the aforesaid court findings it appears that Kansal has misled the court saying that an amount of Rs 10795.4 crore.

Has been disbursed to the petitioners after the order dated May 1, 2020 or to redress the grievance of the petitioner, or be It is possible that the court may have misunderstood the statement submitted by the AG.

The petition was not for the implementation OROP, but to address the discrepancies of the OROP already implemented by the Executive Order.

The above amount was spent for implementation of OROP as per executive order and this disbursement.

Has nothing to do with our petition filed by Executive Order to rectify discrepancies after implementation of OROP.

It is unfortunate that the Court observed this as a redressal. Petitioners’ complaint after order dated 1 May 2019

Some Important Information For Various Pensions

  • Fixed Medical Allowance Rs.100 w.e.f. 1997/01/12.
  • Fixed Medical Allowance Rs.1000 was increased w.e.f. 01.07.2017.
  • ECHS members are not eligible for medical allowance.
  • Defense pensions allow EPF pension in addition to family pension w.e.f. 2001/07/27
  • D. R. W.e.f. to re-employ ex-servicemen with certain conditions. 1997/07/18.
  • Minimum Ordinary Family Pension as per 7th CPC Rs. 9,000. 2016/01/01.
  • Minimum Special Family Pension as per 7th CPC Rs. 1,7,990. 2016/01/01.
  • Payment of compensation for delayed payment of pension / arrears w.e.f. 01.10.2008.
  • Improvement of pension for ORS and JCO as per CDA Circular 430. 01.07.2009.
  • ECHS made it mandatory for those who leave after 01.04.2003.
  • There is no fee for pensioners prior to joining this scheme 1.1.96.
  • 12.From 1.1.96 to 31.3.2003 they have to pay for joining this scheme.
  • 13.From 29.12.2017 rates have been increased.
  • From recruitment to the rank of sergeant, Rs. 30,000
  • From Nb.Sub. Honorable and for counterparts. Rs.67000
  • All officers Rs. 1, 20,000
  • ADLR Scheme Funeral Grant Rs. 10,000 2016/08/07. Paid from the canteen.
  • District Sainik Board Rs. The funeral of 5000 grants.
  • 7,500 grant to Air Veterans by the prestigious funeral Air Force.
  • ESM can create two pension separately without any sealing w.e.f. 01.01.1996.
  • Additional pension is payable after 80 years on both pensions, if one draws two pensions.
  • Additional pension is applicable for WIP / Disability Pension / Lib.FP and SFP.
  • D. R. Unconditionally employed family is acceptable for pensioners. 1997/07/18.
  • W.E.F. The concept of comprehensive banding of percentage of disability / war injury on 01.07.2009 will be extended to Armed Forces officers and others who were put out of service before 01.01.1996 and disability / war injury pension on 01.07.2019 Are in the attainment of. .
  • Joint notification of family pension was started from 01.03.1985. Those who do not have a joint notification for family pension will have to apply immediately.
  • The cap at the maximum WIP i.e. the emission exceeding the previous draw has been removed on W, e, f, 01.07.2009.
  • Liberalized family pension came into existence from 01.02.1972.
  • War disabled pensioners and widows are exempted from paying the contribution of ECHS.
  • The ECHS facility is now extended to dependents of pre-admitted ex-dependents who are receiving disability pension.
  • Always keep your pension account jointly with your spouse. (E or S or F or S basis)
  • Link your Aadhaar number and PAN number with your pension account.
  • Don’t forget to give life certificate to the bank in November every year.
  • If your husband dies before the age of 65, then you will get the same pension that he was receiving.
  • All family pensioners will have to enroll in their pension accounts. Voice Of Pensioners
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Voice of Ex-Servicemen PBOR Association IAF Pensioners OROP 2020

Today the 24 August 2020 OROP case was heard and Justice Dr. Chandrachud and Justice Joseph’s court number 3 debated via video conference. Our case was listed at number 24 and our turn came at 1240.

The government was represented by SGI Mr. Tushar Mehta and hi

TEAM: Our side was represented by

  • Mr. Hujefa Ahmadi Senior Advocate
  • Shri Balaji Srinivasan A.O.R.
  • Mr. Arunav Mukherjee Lawyer
  • Mr. Rohan Sharma Lawyer
  • M / s Garima Advocat

Major General Satbir Singh and Group Captain VK Gandhi participated in the virtual hearing through video conferencing.

To begin with SGI, Mr. Tushar Mehta requested a physical hearing of the case and requested three weeks of time for further study if felt necessary.

Our lawyers contested tooth and nail the submission of SGI Mr. Tushar Mehta and argued.

  1. All required submissions have been made to the Honourable court. And no further submissions are needed. This in fact is a delaying tactic on part of Govt.
  2. Our lawyer submitted that our last note given to HSC on 6 Aug was final and Govt had submitted an affidavit in response to our submission. It has taken more than one year since HSC asked GOI to find solutions to anomalies pointed out by pensioners.
  3. This delay is depriving of 25 lakh soldiers and five lakhs widows of full and legitimate OROP.
  4. Mr. Hujefa insisted that we are ready for final arguments and submitted that Govt had promised One Rank One Pension but has given one rank many pensions. This is hurting soldiers and veterans.
    On hearing, arguments of both counsels Justice Chandrachud stated that Govt has given Rs 10000 crores on account of OROP. He agreed to give time to Govt as requested by SGI.
    Our lawyers again requested arguments but the honourable court decided to grant time to Govt.
    Mr Balaji Srinivasan requested the court that let that be the final hearing on that court made a note and fixed 29 Sept as the next date for the hearing.
    IESM sincerely thanks our team of lawyers under the leadership of Mr Hujefa and Mr Balaji Srinivasan who is standing for veterans for OROP pro bono.
    The next date for hearing in HSC for OROP is 29 Sep 2020.
    Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
    Vice-Chairman IESM.
    24 Aug 202

Diary No.- 19818 – 2016

Honorable Veteran Please Note: –

Demise Veteran damming activity

While the contracts refer to Army authorities, you can appropriately change them to the respective NAVY / AIR FORCE authority.

Please take a print out immediately and be sure to inform and educate the spouse and children.

(A) If death occurs due to accident or unnatural causes, it should always be marked to the police station in whose area.

This avoids many troubles later. In such cases, autopsy is done to establish the proper cause of death.

(B) To receive two ink signed machines of specified medical certificate from the hospital on account of death or authorized medical practitioner.

One of these is required by the authorities in the crematorium / cemetery. Others are required by the authorities (registrar of death and births) who issue the death certificate.

Get the cremation / burial certificate from the cremation / burial ground.

(C) To issue a death certificate within 15 days of the death of the pensioner / deceased to a close associate.

Send at least 20 ink signatures and an equal number of photos to the Estate Dealers duly verified by a Class A officer.

(D) Call the pension-giving bank to fear the death of the pensioner, ask them to discontinue the pensioner’s pension and pay the family pension of the spouse / NO K (name).

Sign death certificate and copy of original PP containing a joint photograph of pensioners and spouse. In addition, the state PCBO and pension S / B A / C no. Sample application form as contract.

(A) If the pension A / C is a joint account or the spouse is a nominee, it is simple to operate the same A / C for the family pension, otherwise a new S / BA / C has to be opened.

Is the same bank? Proof of identity and proof of residence is required for. Photocopy of Voter I Card! PAN card will be sufficient- with three copies of verified pictures.

Voice of Pensioners In Hindi | Now Soldiers With Less Than 10 Years Of Service Will Also Get Invalided Pension

At present, there is a provision for invalid pension to those armed forces who have served for more than 10 years.

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Who have been declared invalid for further military service due to any reasons which are not related to military service.

The Defense Ministry has also allowed to give invalid pension to the disabled soldiers of the Armed Forces, who have served less than 10 years.

At present, there is a provision for invalid pension to those armed forces who have served more than 10 years and who have been declared invalid for further military service due to any reasons which are not associated with military service Voice Of Pensioners.

Only soldiers with less than 10 years of service get invalid gratuity only.

On behalf of the ministry, it was said that the government has also decided to give invalided pension to the soldiers serving less than ten years in the armed forces.

It was further stated that the soldiers, whose service is less than 10 years and whose injuries or mental weakness have not extended their service further or have been invalidated and

Due to which they are permanently removed from military services and civil reappointment. Given, they will benefit from this decision. The Ministry has said that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has approved this proposal.

The benefit of this decision will be given to all those soldiers who were in the armed forces on or after 4 January 2019.

Institute For Military Family Pension

The current NDA government, under the efficient leadership of Sh. Narendra Modi ji had done a lot for the welfare of defense personnel including ex-servicemen and widows.

The notable benefit was the grant of the OROP, a long-pending demand of ex-servicemen.

While we are extremely grateful for all the benefits extended to us, we would like to present the following discrepancy in terms of eligibility for widows of your retired defense pensioners, for your kind consideration and favorable action.

As per the existing family pension rules, the enhanced family pension (EFP) is payable up to seven years from the date of retiremen Voice Of Pensionerst.

The pensioner’s age of 67, in the event of the pensioner’s death.

He was alive, whichever was earlier. The increased family pension payable is equal to 50% of the Final Payment Draw (LPD) by the pensioner at the time of retirement,

Which is the amount of pension (or) accepted before the committal, whichever is less.

The widow will then be entitled to a normal family pension at the rate of 30% of the last drawn, Which is 20% less than the enhanced family pension Voice Of Pensioners.

The above provisions of the rule apply equally to the widows of both civilian central government pensioners and armed forces pensioners.

Upon careful examination of the above provisions, it will be seen that it is unfair to discriminate against widows of ex-servicemen

Who are retired as a national necessity at an early age to keep the armed forces young and fit to fight.

All the time. Please note that 88% of soldiers retire at the age of 33–37 years.

Voice of Ex-Servicemen PBOR

Raise the voice of ex-servicemen
The voice of the Ex-Servicemen Society always supports the Government of India whenever it is officially faced with the threat of anti-social elements within the territory or outside

The territory of India. Returning the medal was the biggest example where our All India Jawans and ex-servicemen whose strength was 48 lakh retired soldiers (directly and

Indirectly affecting about 123 constituencies of India) debated on TV, Jules, Exhibition, Rally Pan Is supported through. Our aim is to keep the morale of the executive Voice Of Pensioners,

Legislature etc. of India, but poor soldiers who sacrificed their lives at the time limit of policy formulation are being ignored.

The sponsors of the voice of ESM demand a PMO specifically to consider legitimate demands and for subsistence of life

Association IAF Pensioners OROP 2020

Army veterans continue to protest against the demand to implement the OROP or One Rank One Pension Scheme as soon as possible, but the government continues to delay it.

What is causing the delay? If the government implements the OROP scheme immediately, would it be a logical step?

What are the arguments in favor and opposition of OROP? In this article,

We will explore the answers to these questions that are troubling not only our armed forces but also national citizens who depend on soldiers for safety and security Voice Of Pensioners.

India has a large army inland, air and water. However, our country needs army personnel to be young. Thus,

The jawans need to retire at a young age, which facilitates the recruitment of new jawans. Indian soldiers continue to work until they reach the age of 35, after which retirement is mandatory Voice Of Pensioners.

Only a handful of soldiers make it beyond that age and stay up to a maximum of 54 years of age. In comparison, citizens in government jobs retire at the age of 60.


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